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Live Train Running Status

Checking Train Running Status is easy now. The process of enquiring about train running status has become a simple thing.  We need not go anywhere to know about the train running status. Simply sitting from the home we can get all the information about the train status with a simple hit.Erail and are best options to check live train running status and they will help us to know the location of your current train and the arrival time of the train and the location of upcoming stops. It is very important to know the real-time information about your train running status because when you know the real-time information about train it makes your traveling easier. It is very useful especially in the winter time because usually in the winter time trains run late due to the fog. 

What is live Train Running Status

Live train running status for Indian railway trains gives you the complete information of any train. It gives information about the location of any train and the time of arrival. The information includes the  “Last Reported Location” and “Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) at upcoming stoppages”.

“Last Reported Location,” tells about the current train running status means it tells about whether the train has reached the location or leave the station or does it crossed any specific station. Coming to The “Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)” gives information about the expected time at which the train is expected to reach any specific station. 

How to Check Train Running Status live?

To know the current status of train you need to write the name of the train or you have to enter the five digit number of your train in the form above and click the ‘Get Train Running Status‘ button. For example, if you are traveling from Patna to Delhi via train no 12309 – Patna Rajdhani Express (RJBP – NDLS), just enter the train number 12309 and select the date of journey eg: April 20, 2018, and now click on the live status.

Now a new will be displayed on your screen with detailed information about your train. You will get more details like when the time will be reached the station or when it will depart or train is between which station.

There will be a form on the top of the page and you need to enter your journey station and journey day.

After entering your journey station and journey date click the  ‘Get Train Running Status‘ button.

Now the present location of your train from the station you are starting journey will be displayed on the screen. It will also provide you more details about your train like expected time of train arrival or expected time of train departure at your station. When you enter your train name and train number you will get the following

  1.  Train current location and name of the station
  2. Expected arrival time at the desired railway station
  3. Expected departure time at the desired railway station
  4. information about the duration of the stoppage
  5. information about the distance between two stations.
  6. gives information about whether the train comes on time or train is delayed.

How to know the delay status of a train

If you want to know live running train status Of the delay status of your train log on to Erail website.Now all you need to do is just fill all the details of your train and click on the train running status. Details of train delay status will be displayed on the screen.

GPS to check the live train running status in India:

GPS Global Positioning System tracker and navigation system helps us to know the exact time of the train.The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a space-based global radio-navigation system.It is a global navigation satellite system that provides geolocation and time information to a GPS receiver anywhere on or near the Earth.The GPS does not require the user to transmit any data, and it operates independently of any telephonic or internet reception, though these technologies can enhance the usefulness of the GPS positioning information.

Train Running live status update changes frequently. So the passenger needs to check the train status update frequently.

How to check India live train running status:

Checking India live train running status has become a simple and easy process. With a simple click, passengers can check their Indian Railways Trains Current Running Status easily. You will get the extensive details of your train running status like estimated time of arrival and estimated time of departure. You can check train running status in online. Go to the website. Click on the live train running status and type the name of the train or the number of the train. Later select the journey date. After entering the journey date click on their Indian Railways Trains Current Running Status. All the details will be displayed on the screen. You can check the distances between the two stations.

Indian Railways

India’s national railway system operated by the Ministry of Railways.It is the fourth largest railway network in the world.The Indian Railways was founded on May 8, 1945. Around 324 km of operational urban rail transit lines are in India.Indian Railways runs more than 13,000 passenger trains daily. All the trains have a five-digit numbering system.Indian railways is the eighth biggest employer in the world.This Indian railway system has been headed by a cabinet minister. Cabinet Minister presents the rail budget every year in the parliament.

Trains run with 18 million passengers daily.1.4 million employees work in Indian railways and 17,000 trains operating on 64,000 kilometers of track. It is one of the eminent transport in India.

There are 9 types of passenger trains, namely Gatiman Express, Rajdhani Express, Shatabdi/Janshatabdi Express, Duranto Express, Yuva /Garibrath Express, AC Express, Superfast, Mail/Express, Passengers/MEMU/DEMU.

Top 10 Indian trains:

  1. Goa Express: Route: Vasco da Gama (Goa) to Londa (Karnataka)
  2. Dibrugarh Rajdhani Express: Route: New Jalpaiguri (West Bengal), Tinsukia , Ledo (Assam)
  3. Nizamuddin Duronto Express: Route: Pune (Maharashtra) to New Delhi
  4. Mandovi Express: Route: Madgaon (Goa) to Mumba
  5. Indian Maharaja Deccan Odyssey: Route: Mumbai to Delhi
  6. Island Express: Route: Kanyakumari (Tamil Nadu) to Trivandrum (Kerala)
  7. Himalayan Queen: Route: Kalka (Haryana) to Shimla (Himachal Pradesh)
  8. Jammu Mail: Route: Jammu to Udhampur (Jammu state)
  9. Golden Chariot: Route: Bangalore (Karnataka) to Goa
  10. The Toy Train: Route: New Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling (West Bengal)